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    Besides directly from Handspring, can anyone suggest a retail store or internet web site that sells the OEM charge cradle, leather case, and additional stylii for a good price? Any suggestions woud be helpful.


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    Amen to this question. I really need a leather case and I can bet I'll be needing new stylii sooner or later and I don't want to pay HS a million dollars for these things. Someone please help!
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    I ordered my cradle from

    They are a little cheaper than handspring if I recall correctly. I've used extensively in the past and have never had a problem. For some reason though this product doesn't appear to be one of the ones where they offer free shipping.
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    Am I seeing correctly, there is not a charger included in the original box ?
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    Originally posted by cujo31
    . . . there is not a charger included in the original box ? . . .
    There is a cable/cord sync/charger in the box (USB). There is no cradle-based charger in the box. FWIW, the cord makes for easier traveling, since it avoids the bulk of a cradle.

    As for accessories, lessons learned:
    -- has premium pricing [ie, close to $20 for the 3-pack styli!!]; they seem to actually add $$ to the list price. Then again, they have next-day delivery across the board without extra s/h fees [around $10 I think- doublecheck].

    --, based in NYC, has decent pricing, and one of the few carrying the clip-on holster. Notably, these folks advertise a lowest price guarantee.

    -- also carries accessories at decent prices.

    As regards a case:
    I've had more success switching gears, by searching for flip-phone cell cases, i.e., StarTac. The trick is to match the size dimensions of the case, with the Treo 90:
    . . . . . . . . . . 4.2in x 2.8in x .7in . . . . . . . . . .
    Rule of thumb: if the case looks a bit tight in sizing, in terms of width, check to see if it has stretch material on the sides. Perfect and comfortable in-out fit when it does. Bonus: adds little bulk, and typically in the $10 range! But note: if the case is too tall, it's a pain digging in to pull out the T90. That coerced me into keeping my eyes peeled for cut-outs at the top sides-- perfection. Got one clipped to my jeans front pocket as I tap this out now. Lucked up while checking out a no name cell-phone kiosk in the local mall.

    Hope this helps.
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    great info..
    thanks so much for the response.
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    I got an email back from Vaja saying that they are considering a line of cases for the Treos....yay!
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    Are you a current Vaja owner ?
    Satisfied it sounds like
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    Yes, I have a Vaja case for my Neo...they are simply wonderful cases...such quality.
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    A cheap case option is the Samsonite D4BK. It's similar to neoprene, but rigid and molded. It's got 3/4 zipper, velcro mount and a low profile belt loop. It's designed for the Palm 5, but is pretty snug around my Treo 90. It's very thin and easily fits in a pocket. It also has a protruding hardware button area, so it minimizes turning the unit on accidentally. The interior is coated with lycra, so the clear lid won't get scratched.

    Mine was $15 at a local computer store.

    I didn't mount the Treo with the velcro since I'd rather remove the unit to use it. It's not the ideal case for me, but I like it better than any of the other Treo cases available.
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    Re cases, check this out:

    I haven't tried this case, but it is inexpensive and was recommended by another Treocentral member.


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