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    We're talking about an add-on program or hack that locks your Treo when it receives an SMS message. Right? Which is easily defeated by simply hard resetting the unit. I fail to see the security here.
    Right, but your data is then zapped. So you don't have to worry about your information. That is a seperate concern from any charges they might ring up on your cell plan.
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    Clearly, the security has to reside on ROM in order to survive a hard reset, but that doesn't mean it has to be in the OS, since Handspring is using flashable ROM. I'm keen to use the 1.4MB of other languages for such purposes, if the application existed.

    As to the best security app, the solution by treopolis is clever but requires a lot of software and soft programming. Perhaps treopolis will post more a more detailed description?
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    The point of the application is to protect the data on the unit--not to prevent the 'finder' from making calls. If you lose your Treo--or any other phone--it's easy to stop the 'finder' from making calls: just call customer service for your provider, and they can lock out the IMEI. (They can do so even if the SIM is not password-protected.)

    I want to know that my data is safe, and I don't want to have to enter a security code every time I use my organizer.
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    But there has to be a very high demand for security program!
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    Originally posted by Preston
    What is the best security app? Palmgear seems to like OnlyMe ($10) or PDA Defense Professional ($30), for general security applications. Anyone using a general security (as opposed to protecting the odd file) application on a Treo 180 or 270? One thing I was concerned about is how the security interacts with the phone. I don't want to enter a password just to answer the phone, but I don't want someone to steal it with the phone activated and have complete access to the device.
    I use OnlyMe on my 270 and it works well. I can answer incoming calls when it's activated, however to tap on any phonebook icons (like Speaker Phone) you have to use your access code. The one aspect of OnlyMe I really like is using the buttons as a password (the 4 application and 2 page up/down buttons). If you use only page up & down buttons for your password, you can use the jog dial as well.

    It lets you set a "Fast Start" (use the first key within 2 seconds), Lock Delay, and Instant Lock using the power button. It tells you how many incorrect attempts at the password there has been (and when the last incorrect attempt occured). Oh, it also displays Alarms and lets you Dismiss, Snooze, etc. without having to key in your password.

    So, I'd recommend it.
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    instead of locking the entire unit which would be a pain since its a phone, why not get a program such as PDA Defence (recommended) or PDA Secure to lock sensitive applications and data? This way you always have access to the unit but certain apps require a password for access.
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    Because there will always be data that, should a thief take my phone, I'd rather he not have, regardless of whether it is of critical importance. It would be best if I could just erase the whole thing. Obviously I keep sensitive information protected in an encryption program, but some information (contacts and the such) I'd rather erase and not have to do anything special to access.
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