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    I'm looking for a better way to sync my VDX Address Book with my Windows Address Book. I've been using Express Sync for some time but there are some limitations I don't like (which I didn't know about before buying--but that's another story).

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    dbSync for WAB.

    Can be found on PalmGear (so I'm told) or ZDNet Download (this is where I found it.

    Express Sync insisted on syncing with the shared contacts in WAB. dbSync has FULL Support for folders and Identities.

    It also sync's multiple email addresses and phone numbers.

    Great job and thumbs up to the authors!
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    There is also Jibe from Chapura --
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    Jibe does look pretty good--but I think I'll stick with the FREE dbSync Lite. As long as I can manage my contacts on my PC, I'm fine with not using the PD Address Book.

    Thanks for the info--if I ever have trouble with dbSync, I'll keep it in mind.
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    If anyone has Jibe (for syncying Palm Address Book, Palm Desktop and Windows Address Book), could you please try something?

    1) In palm desktop, add a new address name.

    2) Edit the email info item and type the following: (then press Ctrl+Enter then enter a second email address:

    3) Then hotsync (assuming you're using Jibe).

    Let me know if Jibe creates two email addresses in Windows Address Book.

    I called tech support at Chapura and they didn't seem to know for sure. They said they would pass my request on to the development team. - The request is to recognize multiple email addresses in Palm Desktop (and Palm Address Book) which can be separated by a Ctrl+Enter (or just the Carriage Return key on the Treo). This is a neat feature I didn't know existed. SMS acknowledges that there are multiple emails and allows you to choose which one. Very cool feature!

    Thanks in advance.

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