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    i just received a alaunch em update from palmgear, but i can't figure out what's different from the description. i already had 3.5 installed, and all the update descriptions are talking about 3.5.

    do i need to install the new version? if so, why?

    anyone have any intelligence on this?
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    I haven't gotten anything from Launch'Em since May6, when I got the email on the 3.5 update. I was on their website earlier today and the last one posted is 3.5.

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    Palmgear is running really far behind (weeks to months) in sending out their notifications of updated software. In fact, I thought that that function did not work as I had not received such a notification for almost a year after signing up for the "service". In late June, I started receiving the messages but most were incredibly late (I had already found and downloaded the updates long ago).
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