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    The FCC has posted some new pictures of the Treo 300.
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    The back of the treo has an extra screw (next to ant), reset pin in a different position and no sim card slot (I guess because it doesn't neet a sim).

    It looks brownish.
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    From what I have heard from someone who has used it, the color is more of a silver-gold. I imagine it will be similar in color to the I300.
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    Has anyone else noticed that some of the pictures are not of the Treo 300? The ones that show the side profile look like its the 270 or 180. It doesn't have the Sprint logo (a little hard to see) on the front but the Handspring logo seen on the GSM Treos. I noticed this because I was looking to see how thick the 300 was going to be and was pretty excited that it looked as thin as the GSM models, until I realized that they were the GSM models. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait until its officially announced.
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    Those were pictures submitted to the FCC by the testing company chosen by appears they tried to cheat the FCC by just re-using pictures they originally sent with the Treo 180 or 270...I wonder if anyone at the FCC caught this...they could probably be fined for trying to pull something off like that...hmmm....good eye there Mr. I Know Nothing, I guess you do know something, I didn't even catch that till you pointed it out.
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    The picture showing the screen shot looks like a 180 monochrome screen - I thought the 300 was color?
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    The Treo 300 is a color device. Some/all of the FCC photographs are incorrect.
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    So how did the company hired to perform tests on the Treo 300 get away with supplying the FCC with false photographs?

    P.S. Don't you think anyone at the FCC would've noticed? now that I go back and look at them, the difference stares me in the face.
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    You folks are kidding right? You want to take umbrage with Handspring and the FCC for using pictures of the Handspring 270 for FCC qualification? Do you really think the FCC cares that HS didn't blow the bucks for new pictures when the file copies of the 270 are perfectly adequate? What exterior difference is there between the 270 and the 300 that is of such importance? Oh yeah ... one has the bifurcated Sprint diamond, and the other has the Handspriing squiggle.

    Get real folks, and welcome to the world of product qualification. I bet the test unit the FCC got had the squiggle ... and who really cares as long as it passed qual?

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    You're right. It just seems odd that something like that would happen...but I guess it does all the time.

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