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    Today's online edition of the Wall Street Journal reports that, while a deal's not certain, Voicestream and AT&T Wireless are in preliminary merger talks.

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    That is interesting because they have allegedly been feuding over network sharing.
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    I'd be surprised by that. Voicestream is owned by Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile). Actually, Voicestream's name is going to change to T-Mobile sometime in the near future. Interesting story though.

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    Actually, a story in the WSJ today illustrates how much pressure DT is under to reduce it's debt and become a leading player in *some* market. It therefore doesn't surprise me at all that they are looking to join up with AT&T. VS is a distant 6th in the domestic market, and AT&T is the only wholly compatible nationwide carrier with whom they can join forces. Moreover, AT&T Wireless is in dire straights as well.
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    Well this proposed merger may be good for Handspring. It has already been stated the AT&T is rolling over their networks to GSM from TDMA, if DT merges then we would have another major GSM carrier and possible better coverage throughout the states.
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    This is completely false. Voicestream just merged with Deutsche Telekom. AT&T is starting to use GSM technology and thats as close as they will come to being one in the same.
    IF AT&T is in your market then use the Sim utility to select a carrier manually. AT&T and Voicestream will show up as the choices.
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    Somehow the WSJ seems like a more reputable source than Blue73. AT&T Wireless is clearly in trouble -- who is a more natural partner than DT? The story has been widely reported today, although the source always seems to be the WSJ.

    Here is the lead paragraph, from MSNBC:

    AT&T Wireless, VoiceStream
    hold talks on possible merger

    By Robert Frank

    July 10 ó VoiceStream Wireless is in talks to merge with AT&T Wireless Services Inc. in a deal that could be valued at more than $10 billion and would create the nationís No. 2 cellphone company, say people close to the talks.
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    Blue73, AT&T has been operating a GSM network for some time now. One of their issues is that they also operate an extensive TDMA network. The mixed technology network is a real issue for users who use AT&T. They, AT&T, have already stated that they are converting their entire network to GSM. A merger with VoiceStream is possible.

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