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    Hi folks,

    Got my 270 on 4th July in Malaysia. Very happy with the unit.

    Did not like the handsfree kit - lost it within a few days. Going to get a Nokia kit.

    Is there any way to copy all the nos from the SIM card into the phone book. I know you can copy into the speed dial ( 25 nos) but I have more than 200 nos. Basically, I want to backup this nos to my Outlook 2002 contacts.

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    Sorry to say but there is no way to back up your SIM stored numbers to the phonebook. This is another major goof up on Handspring's part with the Treo.
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    Hi Vijay,

    You can transfer the phone numbers from the SIM card into your Treo270's Phone Book. You will need an IR equipped mobile phone unit. Take out the SIM card from your Treo and place it in the mobile phone and beam the phone numbers to your Treo. Some mobile phone units (I think) have the facility to group up the numbers and beam them in one go. Otherwise you may need to beam up 200 times or more!!

    Hope that helps.

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