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    I've had my Blue VDx for a few years and am ready to upgrade to the Treo 180. The perfect solution would be to get the 180g with a Stowaway keyboard for those times when you are entering a lot of text.

    Any news on a Stowaway for the 180 (or any Treo for that matter)?


    San Diego, CA

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    PLEASE DON'T POST THE SAME THING TO MORE THAN ONE FORUM. thank you for your consideration
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    First of all, my post was not spam. Did you see a link for a list of 1,000,000 email addresses to market to or an ad for herbal viagra? No, you did not.

    Secondly, calm yourself. You don't have to shout. I was just trying to make sure I got it in the correct forum.

    I've had questions that got stranded with no answers because they weren't posted in the proper place. I wanted to make sure that didn't happen this time.

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    I know it wasn't spam, but it was a useless clog of bandwidth, just as unsolicitted e-mail is. Making sure it gets to the right forum shouldn't involve many postings but rather a little bit of thought. Please use discretion and common sense next time. Please consider the rest of the people on this board next time, that is all. I hope this concludes the matter.
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    No need to get personal. I have plenty of common sense, and discretion is not the issue on my end. Furthermore, if anyone using this discussion board felt that I was inconsiderate to them by posting my one message in a couple of different forums, the problem goes beyond my mis-step. Perhaps some counseling would help.

    Since bandwidth usage is your concern, perhaps you could have resolved this minor infraction of mine by emailing me directly and discretely instead of posting your indignation for all to see.

    This resolves and concludes the matter for me.
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    As has been stated over and over again on this website's forums, it is not polite to post the same message to different boards. I never said that you didn't have common sense. By definition, everyone has it. :-) I just ask you to use it in applying common kindness, that's all.

    And on the subject of your original post (just to add an element of legitimacy to this post), search the boards here and you'll find a killer picture of a stowaway hooked up to a Treo with an old Visor Stowaway and a bunch of legos.

    Again, all I ask is that you don't post to different boards the same message. Try it on Usenet, and you'll find people with a whole lot more enthusiasm than I. :-)
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    This thread's going nowhere - I'm closing it.
    -Michael Ducker
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