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    I've had my Blue VDx for a few years and am ready to upgrade to the Treo 180. The perfect solution would be to get the 180g with a Stowaway keyboard for those times when you are entering a lot of text.

    Any news on a Stowaway for the 180 (or any Treo for that matter)?


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    Ten days ago, I wrote to the folks at ThinkOutside. The following was there response.

    Hello Mr. Lawson,

    We have not made any announcements on a solution for the Handspring Treo.

    We will add you to an e-mail list so that we can inform you of updates as they become available. If you wish that we do not include you on our list, please respond with "no" to this email.

    Thank you very much for your interest and support!


    Lynn Durkee
    Customer Service
    Think Outside, Inc.

    My guess is that since Handspring's ONLY product line uses the Treo USB connector, we can probably expect a Stowaway keyboard at some point in the near future. When? Your guess is as good as mine. But, the optimist in me thinks it's possible the folks at Handspring have probably already spoken to ThinkOutside about it. I also like to believe that while the 180k, 270 and 300 all have thumboards for mashing out a couple of short messages, a full-size keyboard is much more desireable for lengthier writing needs. Let's cross our fingers. :-)

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    Lets not forget about the long-awaited 'promised' stowaway for the Sony T/NR/(SL?!) series!
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    I wrote to Targus via their website and here's the response I got:


    Thank you for your interest in Targus products. At this time a Stowaway Keyboard for the Treo 180G is not available. Unfortunately, we do not have a time frame for when one would be available. Customer feedback is an important part of the development process at Targus & I have forwarded your request to our Product Development group. We appreciate your feedback.


    With the other response in a previous post, I'm optimistic that a Stowaway will be offered for the Treo. When is the question...


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