just received this mail from handspring today,
thought somebody would be interested...

Current Date 07/08/2002

Dear Mr. Pyper,

Thank you for your e-mail.
In the near future our own (Handspring) version of the Palm Desktop 4
software for the Macintosh will be released. Until this moment, only
Palm itself has released that software yet, and we do not support that
version of the Palm Desktop software.
People might have succeeded in installing and using that
software-version, but that doesn't mean it works in every situation or
is completely error-free when used in conjuction with our products. This
is the reason why we are developing our own version of that software
program, and it will most likely be released in the very near future.
All that is required is a bit of patience from your side, it would be
strange if it isn't released before the winter of this year, although we
can't promiss you anything at this moment.