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    Hi All,

    I have Blazer 2.0. When I go to on the browser it says the browser is not supported. Does anyone know how to use Hotmail via WAP or Blazer?

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    This question has already been asked many times. Click on the search link above and dp a search for "HotMail" (without the quotes). You will be amazed at what you come up with. The site will be WAP by the way.
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    *doh* I should have searched. Thanks.
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    *doh* I should have searched. Thanks.
    You should also have searched for the correct way to spell Homer's utterance, "D'oh."

    Always the Simpsons perfectionist,
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    The OED (Oxford English Dictionary, considered the premiere word reference) added Homer's utterance to its rolls:

    click here
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    I'm very upset that they went with the (in my view) incorrect spelling.

    The one that has attracted press attention is doh. Most of us would associate it - or d'oh as Matt Groening would write it and Dan Castellaneta would say it - with that famous American cartoon export The Simpsons, which has broadcast it across the world.
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    As is often the case with these sorts of issues, I think Oxford's English Dictionary will likely accept both forms of the word. Interesting how Groening (probably a Germanic-based name) and Castellaneta (surely Italian roots?) went with a Romantic spelling of the name, making it a contraction of sorts. In France, it would mean "of the oh" or "from the oh" instead of just a loudly verbalized "duh."

    It this a great board or what?


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