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    After two weeks of use since new, my Treo 90 display is dead. I have tried soft reset and hard reset to no avail.

    If I return it to Circuit City, how can I be sure that they don't have access to my personal information in the Contacts?

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    OK, well, moot point now. Returned the machine for a new one at lunchtime today. Pretty sure original one had been completely reset. It was dead to the world.

    Hope it was just a fluke, and that the replacement is OK.

    Really like the Treo 90. Get tired of Palm owners asking me, "Where's the Menu button?" though.


    (edited to fix some really sloppy grammar - P)
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    If the problem was the backlight rather than the display, holding the Treo in a bright light at just the right angle will show the screen. This will allow you to respond to the questions necessary to perform a hard reset.

    I am waiting for my replacement from Handspring and plan to do the reset before sending the first one back.
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    Thanks for the reply. I had a Philips Velo that had a display go bad, and this Treo was the same. When I turned it on this morning, it was dim. I checked the contrast setting, and it was just where I had left it. As I continued to mess around with the rig, the dislpay just got blacker and blacker, until it was all gone.

    Again, I surely hope this was an isolated incident, as I really like the 90. I've been through lots of handhelds in the past, starting with the HP95LX, right up through the HP Jornada 680. I resisted getting a pure PDA for a long time because of Graffiti, so the 90 really suits me.

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    It appears that my backlight is dead as well. I was finally able to get it to reset by using the usb/charge cable included and doing a soft reset while attached. I lost all my data which isn't much considering I just got it and I did hotsync earlier.

    I can read it under direct bright light, however it is essentially useless. I thought it would go back for the stylus issue, but never for a dead backlight. Oh well.
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    Damn, I was just checking out this forum because my Treo 90's screen went dead when I found this link at the top of the list. I had about 50% battery left when I went to sync my Treo this morning it did the syn fine but when I went to look at it there was nothing on the display.

    I was able to change the contrast so that I could barely see anything if I held it in bright light but it seems the backlight is definitly fried. I tried a soft reset and nothing. I thought maybe my battery had died so there wasn't enough juice to run the display properly but it seems other people are having this problem so I doubt that.

    I haven't tried doing a hard-reset yet but will when I get home. Does anyone think that will make any difference?

    I ordered my through Handpsring (I live in Canada) so has anyone dealt with Handspring before to return a defective device? Will they send you a new one and you send back the old one or what is the normal deal with them?

    I was very happy with my Treo 90 until now...

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    It seems as though I've set off a firestorm. Sorry, guys.

    The problems that TreoOSX and digitalparasite (nice handle, by the way) sound just like what happened to me. My battery was probably less than half full when I noticed the problem starting. I plugged it into the sync/charge cable thinking that it was just low on juice. An hour or so later I started the soft/hard reset game. No dice. Within another hour, the screen had gone completely black. I am pretty sure the hard reset took, because when I tried to sync, the popup on my PC was asking for the handheld user name. That's when I decided to just return the rig for a new one.

    With respect to the stylus, I never use the thing. I use a Rotring Quattro Data pen that has a stylus point on it. Yes, I am a geek.

    I hope that I don't have the screen problem with my replacement 90. I really don't want to give up the keyboard.

    Best of luck to all.
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    I am currently waiting on my second replacement from Handspring! I spoke with tech support today and was told that the two known problems with the 90 are the backlight and stylus. The rep I spoke with was not certain if either problem has been corrected.

    I absolutely love this handheld but can honestly say my patience is wearing thin. I purchased the first one 28 days ago and am now waiting for the third. My hope is that Handspring will get these problems fixed ASAP. They have alot of loyal consumers out here that are'nt going to tolerate the present level of quality control for too much longer.

    I would still recomment the Treo 90 to anyone looking for a new pda but would suggest that they hang on to their present device for a back-up.
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    This, unfortunately, is not a new issue for the Treo 90 (see "Backlight failure X2" thread) and is common to the Treo 270 as well (see "Has your 270 Screen Went Out Yet?", "My screen went blank" and "Treo 270 screen totally screwed!!" threads in the Treo 270 discussions).

    I'm on my third Treo 90 in less than a month all due to this problem. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow for this one. I hope it's third time lucky!

    The fact that several of us have stuck with the Treo after several replacements confirms how much we like it. Let's hope they work this problem out for all of us.
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    It's sad that such a nice unit is so flawed. I'm waiting as well for my replacement Treo 90! I was able to get a full 10 minutes from my unit before it fried in me.

    My story is further frustrated by tech support. First I paid for express shipping and received it 7 days after placing the order at Handspring. Not very 'express' in my opinion.

    After I did everything recommended online (adj contrast, soft reset, hard reset) the tech support guy said it needs replacement, that they will send on out overnight, and had 14 days to return the defective one. Well it didn't come today. When I called to find out why, they said they still haven't sent it out!

    If I didn't like the unit so well, I'd send it back and get a credit on my card. However, I'll not do as some are doing, sending unit after unit back.

    Well, that's my story.
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    So I called tech support to try and get a new unit. First of all they have a toll-free number for general custom care issues and for the Treo180/270 but not for the Treo 90 I had to spend my dime on their problem.

    But if that wasn't bad enough I had to call 3 times before I was able to talk to a person (the system hung up on my after spending the 2 minutes listening to all their intro crap before it would let me pick a selection).

    Then to make matters worse even though I have only had my Treo90 for 2 weeks, they wanted me to pay $25US for them to ship me a new unit and then I would send me old one back. What the hell, I am still under the 30 day period so it would be cheaper for me to send the unit back and ask for a refund then order a new one with free shipping!!! I explained this to the guy on the phone, he went away for a while and then agreed to send me the replacement for free and I would have 14 days to send back the old one. All I can say is that there better be a box including shipping labels and everything to send it back so I don't have to pay anything. And the guy also said that I probably won't get it for 7-10 business days which is just great because right now is when I need it the most (I'm getting married in 3 weeks, we have a ton of things left to do and all the info/scheduling is on my Treo so now I am stuck looking at the info on my PC at home where I am rarely located).

    Anyway, Hanspring execs can be sure to get a letter from me about this whole situation.

    Good luck to everyone else. The guy on the phone sounded really surprised about the display like this has never happened before. Yeah right!

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    Once a replacement is authorized, Handspring gives you this number (888) 565-9393 for Customer Care. Apparently the combined Customer Care and Sales departments are handling the replacements.

    Maybe those making first requests for replacements for the backlight (or stylus) problem can get through on this number without running up their phone bill.
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    Originally posted by deryld
    Once a replacement is authorized, Handspring gives you this number (888) 565-9393 for Customer Care. Apparently the combined Customer Care and Sales departments are handling the replacements.

    Maybe those making first requests for replacements for the backlight (or stylus) problem can get through on this number without running up their phone bill.
    Nope. I tried that first and they made me call the toll number 716-871-6448 since they couldn't handle any "tech support" issues.

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    My second Treo 90 died of backlight failure at approximately 10:30 on July 7, 2002. I ordered a replacement for my replacement Treo on July 8, 2002. I have lost 2 Treo's in 28 days!

    Although I'm not sure why, I agreed to pay the $25.00 express shipping charge. This $25.00 charge turned out to be $26.00+ with tax. I was assured the unit would arrive at my door on July 8, 2002. Yesterday I called HS to inquire about my express shipment and to express my annoyance about not receiving the replacement for my first Treo's replacement. I was told that it would arrive today. Today I called HS to express my sincere disapointment about the service I am receiving from Handspring. My express shipment, it seems, will now arrive one week after it was placed. I need to go look in the mirror to see if "sucker" is actually written on my forehead!

    Yes, we all must really love the Treo 90! As for Handspring, in addition to sending them a heartfelt letter regarding their quality control and customer service departments, I will be sending them a brand new Websters dictionary. The pages containing the definitions of "express", "promise", "guarantee", "annoyed" and "getting pretty p---ed off!" will be book marked. Naturally, I will send the letter and dictionary "express". They should receive it by Christmas!

    One final note. Thank goodness that I still have my Visor Pro! I really do love the Treo 90 and will probably replace the replacement of my replacement Treo when something goes wrong with it. Handspring makes such cool, innovative products. All they need now is to make sure they keep working!
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    Well, today I call Handspring since they still have yet to deliver my replacement treo. Support told me that they are having problems getting replacements out which I replied "tell me something I DON'T know!"

    When they could not tell me when they would be able to get it out to me, I simply requested and received information to return my worthless piece of hardware. Yes it's cool, but imagine showing it off to your friends saying: "yeah it looks cool, but wait until I get a working one - then I could show you what else it can do!"

    It's sad that there is such a defective product with such cool factor. I'm heading out to BestBuy to pick the one I originally fell for -- Sony's new 70v with camera.

    Sorry Handspring I'd rather have a Chevy that runs than a BMW that won't.

    Another two cents, Mark
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    Well, Philbert's Treo 90 Number 2 is fading fast, as I'm typing. Guess I'll just return it to Best Buy and get something else. May have to go spendy and get a Pocket PC instead. Just can't do Graffiti, and I want something as small as the Treo 90. Dang, man.

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    I sent Donna, the CEO of Handspring an e-mail explaining my bad experience with the Treo90 and their support line. I got this response from her literally within 15 minutes.

    Quoting Donna Dubinsky <>:

    > Jeff,
    > Thanks for taking the time to write and tell me your
    > experience. I'm copying Kim to have her check out your
    > replacement unit and make sure it's on the way.
    > Indeed, we have seen some of these display failures,
    > and we are in the process of investigating the problem.
    > As soon as we have good data on the issue, we will
    > communicate it. In the meantime, I agree we should
    > not be charging for advanced replacement on these
    > units, and will address that.
    > Donna
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    So I got a call from Donna's assistant about my defective Treo90. She was very nice on the phone and apologized for everything. There is right now a 2 day delay before they ship because of demand or whatever but she is getting a unit and sending it to me today FedEx Priority.

    Now I just hope the new one lasts...

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    Just want to add a "me too" -- my Treo 90 backlight just died moments ago. I was syncing earlier today just fine. This afternoon, pfbfbfbft. Gone. The screen is just faintly visible. I went through the hard reset drill with the tech support guy and just got my RMA number.

    This is a disturbing trend. About the first three months ANY new PDA comes out, there is always some horrible flaw. The m505's USB problem. The HandEra's LCD glitch. There's even a recall on the late-model iPaq's for backlight death. It's really too bad.
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    Just wanted to let everyone know that I got my new Treo90 replacement via FedEx as promised. Now I just hope the screen on this one lasts...

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