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    I need some help. I want to buy a 270 but I need to be convinced 1)why not a Sony CLIE PEG-NR70V
    2)why stick to PalmOS and not a Pocket PC ?
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    Simply because NR70V is not communicant ! It's just a multimedia PDA without GSM feature.
    It's the same for all PPC except XDA, a mmO2's PDA.(XDA. The problem is XDA is just available in UK, Ireland, Germany and Netherland.

    To summarise: that depends on what you want to do with your PDA.
    - You want to phone with your PDA ? => choose a Treo
    - You want to listen music => choose NR70V
    - You are lucky to live in UK, Ireland, Germany or Netherland => choose XDA if you prefer a Microsoft environment with Word, Excel, IE, etc... But know that there are more thousands app for Palm but just some hundreds for PPC.
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    Speaking as someone who lives in the UK and considered both the Treo 270 and the XDA, here was my perspective:

    I've always had keyboard-based PDAs -- various Psions, then the Nokia 9110 and 9210. I simply couldn't get on with Graffiti and its various imitators, and even if they perfected handwriting recognition I can type faster than I can write, even on a PDA-size keyboard.

    When I heard about the Treo, I thought "nah -- PalmOS, Graffiti, ugh". Then I saw the thing. Speaking as someone who always liked the Nokia communicators, I fell in love immediately. This was the design that the Nokias SHOULD have been.

    As someone new to PalmOS, once they'd attached a keyboard to it, I found myself impressed with its simplicity and speed. On a PDA, after all, you don't need all the baggage you get on a PC. Pocket PC seems to have gone the other way.

    Plus it's not only the best PDA I've had, it's the best phone I've had. In use as a phone it just FITS.

    The XDA -- well, it's got no keyboard, and it's Pocket PC, plus it isn't nearly as good a phone as the Treo, IMO.

    Now if Psion would produce a Treo look-alike with Symbian/EPOC as the OS, I'd be a happy bunny indeed
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    I have both a NR70V and a Treo 270 and I must say that the Cam and the AV Remotecontroller are nice feat. the MP3 player too but do you realy need them? I tooked around 250 Pic and then never again it´s nice to get the NR70V out of the box and test all it´s feat. but after a while you will be sick of open it turn the screen around take a pic and close it agin that is why i want to sell my NR70V! And it is also very BIG! I would recomand the Treo couse it´s realy very small and light and you have the GSM feat wich you will use a thousend times oftener then the clié cam or the Remotecontroll! What I realy miss is the MP3 Player! But that sould not bee a Problem
    Slower than my NR70 was but i love my Treo 270......

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