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    my visor deluxe died and i'm thinking about the 270. is cingular in the bay area good or should i wait for voicestream to come out (they say at the end of the summer)? oh, and where did you purchase your treo from? thanks!
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    I hear Cingular sucks in the bay area (many dead spots and dropped calls). I'm in SoCal where Cingular has rather good service (better than my old AT&T service).

    From what I read, Voicestream is just going to be sharing Cingular's network so your service will end up being worse if they don't upgrade their network.

    I think we all bought our 270's from Handspring since they don't sell them anywhere else... yet.
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    Cingular service is really bad in the Bay Area. I just ended my one year contract with them so I sold my 270 and went with Verizon and a Treo 90. I loved the integration and potential of the 270 but the service was just so bad it wasn't worth having it. There are many spots in San Francisco where there isn't any signal and when there is it is much weaker than Verizon or AT&T. And SoCalVisor is right that the network will get worse once Voicestream/T-Mobile launches on July 15. They say they are building more towers but it doesn't seem likely they'll be getting approval from local gov't anytime soon. Maybe you can wait for the 300 and see how Sprint's network is. They have a 14 day trial period where you could test out their network without any obligation to keep it. I'm thinking about doing that.
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    I agree. Cingular service in the Bay area stinks. I really love my Treo, too bad Handspring didn't make a device for the Verizon network. I'll see how the Treo 300 does. I'm not impressed with Sprint's coverage.

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