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    G'day all. I have some very long memos in Memo Pad, including a food/books/electronics shopping list and a memo full of useful tips I've read about bicycling. Some of my memos are tens of thousands of characters long.

    Right now I'm at my parents, but I left my Treo 700p at my place. Here I have a Windows PC and a Linux PC. I only ever sync my Treo to Palm Desktop on the Windows PC here.

    I want to edit my shopping list memo on my PC here. Next time I sync, I don't want my PC to leave me with two copies of the memo; then I'd have to merge them myself using WinMerge[1] or a similar tool. Instead, I want my PC to decide on its own to start a two-way merge between the memo on the desktop and the memo on the handheld. And I would rather not spend money to gain this functionality. How likely is it that what I want is possible?

    Thanks in advance,

    ^ [1]. An open source file-merging tool. See
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    If you sync, your sync is normally set it to sync your files however, you could do a one time replace of your desktop for memos.

    Two way merging, not sure how that works, maybe more manual process. I have not yet ended up with two versions of memos. For me, the trick is not to edit the memos on the device and the PC before sync. Sync first then edit on one then sync again.

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