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    Is anyone else having a problem with echoing on your Treo 180? I don't hear it but the other person does. Aparently it's fine for the first minute or so of talking, then they'll start hearing their own voice echoing- and sometimes it's so loud we can't continue talking and have to hang up and try later.
    Is it just my phone or is this a common thing with this phone?

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    I have heard of that happening, but I don't think its widespread. I don't have that problem and I have one of the original Treo 180s. If it gets real bad I'd talk to Handspring about getting a replacement unit.

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    because the speaker of my 18 days old Treo died on me on friday I had to talk to support for a replacement unit. While I had them on the phone (using the headset... :) I asked if the echo effect is a known problem and the support guy confirmed it. Apparently, Handspring knows about this and is trying to patch it. Since the guy knew right away what I was talking about, I guess it is a rather widespread problem.

    While he was at it he also told me that Handspring is trying to fix a roaming problem that at least the German provider O2 has: the phone switches to the roaming partner T-D1 but doesn't switch back on its own.

    By the way, I'm located in Germany, if you couldn't tell by now ... ;)

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    I sometimes get echoing. I think it might be associated with the speakerphone, I haven't checked it out fully. So... I just use the handsfree kit, and I haven't gotten any complaints.
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    I am getting echo again on this Treo 180 along with a weird chirping sound everytime I dial. There response to my echo issue is a follows:
    If any GSM phone contacts a landline phone, a phenomenon called "landline echo" may result. This is typical of all GSM phones, including the Treo, when they connect to a plain old telephone system (POTS) copper line phone.

    "If you hear echo on your side of the Treo, it may be environmentally dependent. The Treo is designed to adjust to the acoustic environment (size, shape of room, ambient background noise, etc.) to minimize echo. However, this process cannot be perfect on any GSM phone. If you need to keep using a Treo in a less than optimal environment, plug your hands free head set into the Treo. This should solve much of your temporary problem.

    Additionally, keep in mind the GSM network. Echo cancellation and suppression systems are built into all nodes of a GSM network but the effectiveness may vary from region to region and depending on network load at any given time. Simply hanging up the call and dialing out again will establish a fresh echo-free connection.

    If your Treo exhibits extreme and frequent echo issues, you may wish to consider a replacement of that unit. You will have to contact our Wireless Support Team at 1 877 426 3777 to have the unit repaired/replaced."

    I have regular GSM phone and that never happens to it. Does anyone else buy this response.
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    I get the echo as well from time to time. Especially with long distance?

    I just assume its Voicestreams lousy GSM service.
    Wish I could have had the option of regular digital. As I don't intend to pay 30 dollars a month for slow wireless internet. a new thread when you hear of a patch for this if its hardware fixable.

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    Hanspring technical support recently called me back on my replacement 180. The guy phoning me said "you're using the Treo aren't you I can hear the echo"

    So Handspring tech support people definately know of the echo and can spot it.
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    I also have problems with echos (actually others who call me do) and I called Handspring after catching this thread. They graciously agreed to send a replacement to me. This is not common, but apparently a known issue with the Treo 180. Ask, and you can receive a non-offensive communicator in less than one week for only the 25.00 exchange charge. Otherwise, they will be happy to fix yours while you use a pay phone for a week.
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    As I've said perhaps before, I have this problem off and on. It just happens when I'm in certain places. I think it's a network*Treo interaction. I can live with it. :-) Besides, my Treo is wonderful and from what I hear, getting a replacement greatly increases the chances of a bum unit.
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    Just thought I'd mention...

    I've been using a 180g for 2 months now w/o any speaker or echo trouble what-so-ever. No one "on the other end" has ever mentioned it, and I've never experienced it on the Treo.

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    I've had many folks complain about the echo on their end. I called voicestream and they said it was the device. To be honest, I just sat on it and tolerated the problem until I ran across this thread today. I called handspring and told them,... after they took my credit card info because I was outside of my 90 days, they gave me an RA # and said I should receive my new phone within 5 business days,... they also mentioned that there was no charge for the call or the swap. They would, however, keep the credit card info because I need to return the phone in 14 days.

    Thank goodness we have this forum!
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    So they will send me a new phone before I have to send them mine? And they won't charge for it? I have an echo problem every once in a while, and I'd like to get rid of it, but the rest of the phone has been so nice that I don't want to risk getting a dud.
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    I have had severe echo and loud pinging noises. After trying many sugeestions from Voicestream they came to the conculsion that it was the phone. Tried a new radio file from HS with no improvement. HS finally sent me a repalcement phone for $25, the replacement phone has had echo problems and slight noise problems. My real gripe is that HS now wants $20 to talk to me on how to get my replacement phone on the internet. Appareently some file did not sync along with several third partyapps. I had a problem when I first got my TREO and HS helped me out with a very simple change however I can't remember what it was but that it was simple. After my recent experiences with HS and their pay to talk policy I will never buy on of their product unless I buy a store warranty. I NEVER want to talk to them again.
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    Hmm, that doesn't sound right.

    I have the echo too but with no indications that Handspring knows why it's happening or how to fix it, getting a replacement seems like more hassle than it's worth.

    Regarding paying for replacements and such: I recently had the speaker go out on my Treo. Obviously, this is covered under the 1-year warranty. When I called Handspring, they wanted my credit card number to talk to me. Here's the deal, they give free customer service for the first 90 days. After the first 90 days, if you call and they can fix it over the phone, it's $19.95. If it's a warranty issue, they don't charge you. However, without knowing which of the two possibilities it is (fix-able vs. not fixable) they have to get your credit card first.

    They agreed it was a warranty issue. They sent me a new Treo which arrived in two days. I stuck my old one back in the box and sent it back with the pre-paid mailer they included. Pretty easy actually.

    Not sure what the whole deal with the $25 is. To me, if you have really bad echo, that should be covered under warranty and you shouldn't have to pay a dime. If you get a rep that wants to charge you to get your Treo to work as advertised, either find a new rep or escalate the situation.

    Good luck.
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    The 25.00 plus tax is for the advance exchange. If you mail your Treo to HS, they will fix or replace it in about 5-7 days without charge if it is under warranty. Unfortunately, many people need their phone working, so HS will send you a replacement first for exchange if you pay the advance fee. Purely voluntary, but I do it each time my Treo or Visor develops a problem.

    In fact, they reversed my last advance replacement fee due to delay in sending the replacement. It took 8 days instead of the usual 2. I did not even call them. They sent me an email indicating that the charge was being reversed. It sounds like they are trying to get a handle on the service issue.
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