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    I hope this question does not have an obvious answer that will make me look stupid:

    When you get to a screen that has a choice of let's say OK and Cancel (like the "find" screen pop up), is there any way to use the keyboard to hit enter or cancel? I would think the enter key, along with the tab key (which I can't find) would allow you to choose between OK and Cancel and then hit the enter key to choose your selection. It does not make sense that you hve to take your stylus out to do this. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



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    To accept "OK", press option (blue key) and the enter key.

    To accept "Cancel", press option (blue key) and the backspace key.

    The keys must be pressed at the same time. The option key is not "sticky" when pressed in this instance.

    This is in the manual, along with several other shortcuts I'm slowly learning.

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    this is application specific, it only works in applications that are programmed to accept that (i.e. the included ones).
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    Actually, it works in quite a few others as well, although not quite all.

    I know it works in Wordsmith, for example.
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    I retract my comment.... I have tried it on more and more apps and it does work most of the time. (thankfully!!)

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