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    Since Visor ROMs cannot upgrade the OS, wondering if it is possible to bypass the ROM OS by putting the upgraded OS on the usable memory of the Visor?

    Just wondering. Even if it is possible I doubt anyone would take the trouble do it, much less Handsprung themselves.

    If they're the people who built the orignal core OS, why make it unupgradable? Although I have no problems with it right now, I dread it when one day all the software I need requires OS 4 and I'm stuck with 3.
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    Handspring doesn't use flash because they feel most people don't upgrade their os and they save a couple of bucks.

    In the past handspring hase release paches to the OS to fix certain things. These patches take space up on your device.

    I'm not sure if I have this clear, but i think the current treos (maybe not the 90) do have flash for now. Until the bugs have been worked out and maybe gprs is finally released.

    There is a thread on this board that talks about this.
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