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    It seems like most products in the cell phone space support the 2.5mm specs for different hands free operations. I was wondering if an adapter exists so products that use the 3.5mm specs (aka Treo) will work with these products?

    If not, does anyone know a good hands free product that can use my car radio's speakers with the Treo? I can't stand wearing an ear piece on when I get very few calls while on the road, I feel the ear pieces are more distracting than just simply holding the phone on the road....
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    Actually, the Treo does use a 2.5 mm jack. It's the same jack that most Nokia's have.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Yep - it's 2.5mm, but not the "standard" three-conductor 2.5mm plug that most folks think of when they say "standard 2.5mm". Headsets for the Nokia 3300/8000 series phones (4 conductors) will work, although I haven't found anything with a mute switch that functions correctly. But headsets with volume control, push-to-talk buttons etc. work fine.


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