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    A quick question.. I have an eyemodule on my old visor and I want to beam images taken form the visor directly to the 270 for viewing etc... When I try of course it says I don;t have the APP needed to view. Can anyone suggest an APP I might be able to use to view these images on the 270 after beaming from the visor? (Free APPS preferred - I'm poor )
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    I have tried to use Fireviewer, SpashPhoto, and the HS PhotoAlbum without sucess. One thing is that I don't have any eyemodule software or any conduits on the 270.. do I need that? Why won't one of these viewers work? After trying to beam the image it just says "Cannot find application for that data.." Please help
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    I use Documents To Go. It is a relatively expensive suite, but has a free add-on that shows jpgs. (Not exactly - it converts jpgs.)

    It has two problems other than price. If you have a lot of documents, it takes a long time to sync even when nothing has to be transferred -- it is slow to check the documents. Second, I had formatted my children's pictures to be 160 x 120 pixels, which makes them about 5-7 K in size, and documents to go doubles the size of them in the process of converting them for the treo. With 135 pictures, this is a lot of wasted space.

    So Documents to Go works, but is far from a perfect solution.
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    Try Handstory. It is a imageviewer/memo/doc reader replacement. It is also shareware so you can try it out at .

    I was impressed with as you can capture jpg's off the internet oryour local machine and sync them into your device.
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    I downloaded 20 photos using Photo Album that were originally all 10+ MP TIFFs, and they look fine considering the resolution of the Treo 270 screen. They are all about 40 K at 16 bits/pixel. With one finished 8X10 and these Treo images, I could probably sell photos from my Treo without needing a full PC or portfolio.
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    Originally posted by ChrisInDiego
    (Free APPS preferred - I'm poor )
    After buying the Treo 270, everyone's poor Still waiting for mine - hopefully will arrive soon
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    I'd like to try to clarify the original question since I'm in the same boat as the original poster, and unless I'm mistaken, I don't think the original question has been answered yet.

    Here's my situation:
    - I have a Visor Deluxe with an Eyemodule 2
    - I just got a Treo 90
    - Only the Treo is now sync'd to my desktop
    - I've taken new images with the Visor, and I can't sync them to the desktop since the Visor is not hooked up.

    Hence the need to try to beam the images from the Visor to the Treo. Here's what I've tried so far:
    1) Beamed the Eyemodule2 app from Visor to Treo (worked).
    2) Beamed an image from the Visor to the Treo (seemed to work, but it tried to start the Eyemodule2 app right after, and it said it wasn't compatible with PalmOS 3.5 or higher.
    3) I got the Eyemodule3.5 updater from Handspring and installed it on the Treo. This app runs, but it can't see the image I tried to beam over.

    I'm thinking now that maybe I'll have to change the user name of the Visor and sync it to my desktop. That seems like it should work.

    Any suggestions, though?

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