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    Hello all,

    I experienced these problems:

    1. Picking up a call will immediately hang up the calling party.
    They then would have to call me back, or I would have to call them back.

    2. Calls unanswered would NOT go to voicemail.

    3. Caller ID would not show up on other people's phones that I call.

    Please note, this occurs the same to other people here in Hawaii that DO NOT use the Treo communicators, they use Nokia stuff.

    Anyone else in Hawaii experience these problems?

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    Hi Stan,

    No complaints from this island. Previously I had problems with my Visorphone turning off every now and then. Hasn't happened with my Treo replacement #2 yet.
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    Are you kidding? When I went to Hawaii at the beginning of my 'round the world trip, I had absolutly NO problems using my Nokia 8290 and Ericsson T28w. I didn't have a Treo, but using those two phones, I had absolutley NO problems whatsoever.

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