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    Will someone please explain to me how to utilize my GSM phone as a modem with my Treo. I have an Ericsson T68.

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    It depends who your service provider is, but if you have Voicestream here's a start:
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    Originally posted by MitzEclipse
    It depends who your service provider is, but if you have Voicestream here's a start:
    Thanks for your response. My GPRS service is Fido. If anyone is familiar with Fido and using the phone as a modem for Treo, I'd like to hear from you. It bugs me that my PDA is "dead" It just sits there collecting phone numbers. I need it to do something.
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    Go to the Prefs app in your Treo.
    In Connection, create a new connection with "IrCOMM to Modem" as the connection method.
    Then in Network prefs, create a new service for your ISP entering your username, password, and phone number, and choosing the new connection you made for IrCOMM to Modem.
    Turn on the IR modem in your phone (refer to manual) then point the Treo IR port to the phone IR port and tap the "Connect" button in the Treo's Network prefs screen.
    hopefully it will work, the Treo will connect to the phone, dial the number, connect to your ISP, and let you get your mail and surf the web. While you're connected, you'll notice a small bar of flashing pixels in the very top right corner of the Treo's screen. If that's there, you know you have a data connection open. Remember to disconnect when you're done by going back to network prefs and tapping the Disonnect button. You can also just turn off the Treo.

    If you're unable to connect, then some tweaking might be necessary, like to the init string for the connection settings.

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    Thanks Greg...
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    First you said GSM, then you mentioned GPRS.
    I believe most of my tips can be used for a GPRS connection, but there's probably something else to it. For example, you shouldn't need to dial an ISP and stuff if your phone is running a GPRS connection, but I'm not sure as I don't have GPRS. You might need to set up a different kind of connection, like instead of IrCOMM to Modem, you might need to use IrCOMM to PC.
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    You might want to post your message in the Fido newsgroup. I have voicestream and only know voicestream settings... you'll have to punch some fido-specific settings into your treo to make it get connected via IR

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