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    I want to buy a Treo 180 on Amazon. A friend of mine could do in as a resident of the US. On Amazon it is bundled with a service activation from VoiceStream.

    I would like to cancel this activition as soon as I get my Treo. Is this possible ? Does it cost anything? Or suppose I keep the Service activation for a year , how much will it cost me per month provided I'm not using this service at all ?

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    Early termination fees are hefty. I think it's either $200 or $250. Their cheapest plan is $19.99 a month.
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    Hi, ErikErik

    I have brand - new treo 180g for sale. I got it as a gift.
    And I'm pretty sure than this unit is unlock because I have tried on different carrier SIM card and it works. Please email me with offering price that I can't resist if you interested.

    Have a nice day !

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