Hi all,

We would like to invite you to participate in a beta testing on PiMover II,
which is a file manager for for VFS supported Palm device, like Sony, Palm, TRGPro, HandEra and Visor with MemPlug.

Minimum system requirement: Palm OS 3.5 or above

The PiMover II beta 3 zipped package (PiMoverII_v1.0b3.zip) can be found at:


This package include:
PiMoverII.prc - PiMover II main program
PiRun.prc - A plug-in for launching applications in PiMover II
PiBeam.prc - A plug-in for beaming applications in PiMover II
(You can activate the plug-in by tapping menu, "Activate Plug in...")

For those users who interested in trying beta software, please try and take a look.
This version of PiMover II will be expired on 14 July 2002.
We will continue to upload new version to our yahoo forum.

All comments, bugs reports please post at:


Best regards,