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    I've had my treo 180 for about a month without a problem. Unfortunately, today it would not connect. It just stays in network serarch... mode. Any suggestions. Thanks Bob
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    Try removing the Sim card and cleaning it with an eraser. Then make sure it is placed in correctly and snugly.

    Let us know if this works
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    I removed the sim and placed it in my Nokia and it works fine. Plan to return to Best Buy today for new one ... I hope
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    I removed the sim card. Placed cover back on. tried to make a call and said that i needed a sim card but would i like to make an emergency call. I said yes, then cancelled the call. Reinstaled the sim card and it work ok. However, today I got an fatal error message. Prior to the last freeze up i received many fatal errors.
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    Did you install any new/unusual apps?--fatal errors make me think that you have a bad one.

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