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    I have noticed a problem with the silkscreen area of the digitizer on my 180G. Can any of you do a few checks for me ?
    The screen area and the onscreen keyboard function correctly, but the silkscreen area is showing misalignment.
    - The contrast point functions correctly
    - The ABC keyboard point brings up the menu instead, the keyboard point is about 4mm towards the middle.
    - The numeric keyboard point brings up find, the keyboard point is about 4mm towards the middle.
    - A vertical stroke at the righthand side of the centre line, but on the lefthand side of the triangle marks, is recognized as "1" instead of "i".

    could anybody check this on a Treo 180 and let me know if the same exists on other units ? I have a attached a drawing showing the sensitive areas.
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    Somehow I have this feeling that I am the only Treo 180G owner.
    Until now nobody has responded to this message, does that mean that there are no Treo 180G's anymore, or does it mean that I asked too much ?

    It would be nice if anybody can confirm my findings.
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    I dont' own one, but it seems to me like you shoudl run the digitizer setup again. Maybe that will help.
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    Everything do-able has been done.
    Hard reset, recalibrate, soft reset, loud swearing, etc.

    I made the drawing after a complete reset with no applications loaded.

    (Handspring: I have a support call open in Holland for a week now and have not received a reply yet!)
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    I have had exactly this problem on two separate Treo 180g's. In both cases it occured simultaneously with a failure of the phone to connect (no dancing man and then the green "connected" light comes on but you can't make calls) and rapid battery drain (a complete charge in about 20 hours with the phone switched off).

    The phone problem seems to be discussed elsewhere on this site.

    Handspring have replaced my Treo both times with this combination of faults - is it a coincidence or what?

    What happened to you in the end?
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    Hallo Toby,

    I phoned HS today and they are sending a replacement. They were unable to find the call I opened a few weeks ago. Lets wait and see.
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    I have a 180g! I do, I do! And, I love it. But, then again this was the only choice among the Treos with Graffiti.

    I don't have the mal-alignment problem you describe. I've only had Trina, er I mean my Treo, for a little over a week and have only noticed 2 minor problems.

    1. After 5 or 6 HotSyncs, or a soft reset, the Calc icon is remapped to the default calculator app (if it was previously mapped to another program.) HS is currently working on a fix.

    2. The flip lid doesn't close completely. The plastic lid is a bit warped and curves upward slightly. HS will cover it under warranty and I plan to send it in for repair when I return from an upcoming vacation.

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    Hi ErnstB,

    You ain't alone !!! in this Treo community. I also have 180g and it ' ROCK !

    I have never experienced any of your silkscreen - problems. I hope your new unit will fixed those problems.

    Happy 180g' owner,
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    I wish I had a replacement already.

    Unfortunately something went wrong, the did not send me a new unit in advance, instead a reminder was sent by email that the hadn't received my old unit.

    They did notice the mistake when I phoned last week friday but I am still waiting.........

    And the grafitti is driving me nuts on the Treo, but I don't have a problem with my palm 3x.
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    The replacement arrived today. I did a re-sync immediately and it works as expected. Now I am happy again.

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