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    I have an unlocked AT&T (Cingular branded) 680. I have successfully updated to 2.11. I have a problem that existed before and after the update.

    No other ringtone works with the exception of the AT&T ringtone.

    I have tried all the pre-loaded ringtones and regardless of how I configure any sound or ringtone all that rings through is the AT&T ringtone.

    I have loaded PocketTunes and MiniTunes, loaded MIDIs and MP3s and fiddled with file size, clip length and sound quality in both audio formats with no success.

    I really do like using the 680, though with only one ringtone that works it will soon become and paperweight.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome.
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    download minitones it is a free app that stores ringtones placed in mc expansion to you phones ringtone directory

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