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    Hi there!

    I am living in Germany and will travel to Miami tomorrow for Holidays. In the last few weeks I read everything about Treo 90 and came to the conclusion, that this little guy is the perfect device for me.

    So I even found a circuit city store in Miami to buy the device on Saturday :-)

    But there is one question left:

    Is it possible to use a German charset with the US-Treo 90? I especially wonder if it is somehow possible to type German "Umlaute" as they are noct present on the Treo keyboard.
    Any (fast) ideas?

    Greetings from Germany,
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    No problem. All you do is to press the letter and then an "option" key. At this point, you are given a number of different options for accenting that letter (including German).
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    Thanks for zour answer!

    Here are some more questions:

    1. Is the Treo 90 including a multi-voltage-AC-adaptor (esp. with 230 V)?
    2. Is it possible to assign the German "Umlaute" to a special kez of the keyboard (e.g. "blue" + "u" = "umlaut u")?

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