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    Anyone know where to get a good, stick-on screen protector for the Treo 90 that allows good visibility for color?

    Thanks. . .
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    Try They have them for everything. Stick on type for color too.
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    Just spotted at Fellowes Treo 90/270 Screen Overlay. $13.95. Shipping = $6.50.

    Word to the wise: use something other than your standard email address if you place an order. No problems when I have ordered from them, but it is an "OfficeDepot" company, not exactly touted for limiting contact to orders placed.
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    Happened to stop by a CompUSA yesterday. If anyone's thinking about checking them out for the screen protectors, think again. They do carry them-- the Fellowes referenced above, but at TWICE the above price-- just shy of $30! That premium pricing appears to extend across the board to Treo accessories-- all noticeably higher than online merchants.

    Note also-- Circuit City has zippo.
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    I got the PurpleMoo screen protectors. I'm very satisfied with it. I think they cost about $13 shipped (for six). They're pretty easy to put on and very clear. I was afraid they'd make the screen darker and affect the color but I haven't really noticed a difference.
  6. #6 now lists Treo models. I missed it the first time around because they called it "Visor Treo" so I placed an order for some to fit my m105. These have arrived and are not a bad fit (turned sideways) for the clear part of the Treo 90 protective cover. This is all I wanted it for, so I am happy.

    Their regular price is $5.00 for pack of 12 and the first pack is, in fact, free. I also got some of the screen cleaner packets at $7 for 12. Shipping was reasonable.

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