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    Has anyone out there tried Chapura's KeyContacts software out as yet? I have been interested in it's functionality in importing all pertinent of Outlook's fields, but didn't know how it operated with the proprietary datebook / phonebook software in the Treo 180.

    - Conflicts?
    - Does KeyContacts update it's own DB, or the main contact info DB as well?
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    Key Contacts does use a seperate database. I initially purchased the program then requested a refund which was granted quickly. It links with just about every field in Outlook but here are some other issues to be aware of:
    1. Adding and address to the address database or Action Names Datebook will not be added to Key Contacts or for that matter to Outlook.
    2. You must disable (automatic during installation) the normal address conduit hence the reason for the lack of addition to Outlook or the main Palm database.
    3. You can't view all of the fields on the Palm device without going into the "edit" view. I had sent an email to tech support on this issue which never recieved a response. I would think that the program should be able to "scroll" down to show all of the fields either by using the up/down buttons or a scroll bar.....not so!

    I deleted the program from both the handheld and the desktop conduit wihtout any major glitches but I did get some duplicates on both platforms. During the installation of key contacts to the handheld and following the recommend first and second syncing operations - key contacts did not properly recognize my Palm categories and thus corupted the Outlook file - which eventually prompted the duplicates. You can sync to subfolders in the Outlook which is beneficial. But I prefer to use Pocket Mirror Pro to handle that task.

    If you have to have all of your Outlook data on your handheld in the same fields structure then this is the only program that I'm aware of that will handle it. However, if you can place the information in the note field area of Outlook then I will stick with Action Names Datebook and be content.
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