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    I've heard that a lot of people like this one. I'm not a big fan, but hey.

    Here is one place you can get it.
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    Thanks. It looks great! Very nice update, and the price can't be beat.
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    I've already found two bugs (well, one bug and one "feature"):

    1) The feature is that when you click on the system info in the memu bar to change to, say, percentages, it changes back to plain RAM and battery icons with no values in the when switching away and back to Today

    2) The bug is that if you set Today to NOT "always run", and then assign the jog push to Today (using Treo Button, for example), and then actually do it (hit jog with lid closed to show Today), the pref gets re-set to Always Use Today.
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    Cool! I've always enjoyed the Pocket PC today screen on my Dad's iPaq....not sure if I will use it though because I do still enjoy the minimalism of the Palm interface...
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    It's not an interface, it's kinda like a startup screen, you can click on the appointments, etc and go there or click on home to go back to the standard launcher. You can also customize when it turns on, it's a great program
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    I can't seem to configure the mail. I click it, it does nothing. I'm using Iambic mail normally. Any Ideas? I read the guy doesn't like people bugging him about bugs, but.... what the hell?

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    I've heard a couple of people complain about mail in Today. I use the built-in program, so it doesn't affect me, but I heard the shareware version of Today, Wazzzzup (or something) ($5) by a different author has better mail support.
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    By "can't seem to configure the mail" do you mean you cannot figure out how or you configured it and it didn't work? If you cannot figure out how to configure it, here are the instructions: Tap the menu silkscreen and then select preferences from the dropdown menu. Click on "Inbox" to highlight it. Then click on options. A dropdown list should appear. Click on the arrow to bring up the entire list applications. Select Iambic mail.

    I have had no problems configuring Today to work with DataViz Mail.
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    Thanks for the help, but the problem seems to be that the mail link only works if the standard mail program is installed. So now I've got both iambic and old mail on the treo. But it only seems to work if mail is set to syncronize files. Once Today is run, it shows the new messages, and lets me now open iambic to read, but after reading new messages, or creating a new one, Today won't show the unsent mail, and still shows new mail to read. Confusing, but still playing....

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