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    I just got my Treo 90 last week (as a few of you know)... The Stylus came loose as of two days later (AHHHHHHH)... So, I called Handspring Monday morning... Now it is Wednesday... I called to say "what is my tracking number"... and I get "ummmmm, it looks like we got backed up this week, and it didn't ship out yet"...

    What the hell???

    Do you guys think that if I just went to Staples... Returned it... and then when the "replacement" comes in... that I can just "regect it"... Or do you think that will cause problems?

    I'm just a little pissed... I've almost lost the Stylus a couple of times... I don't totally like the "tape" idea with fear it will get sticky... I'm almost ready to call them... and tell them NOT TO SHIP ME A REPLACMENT... AND THAT I WILL JUST GO TO STAPLES AND RETURN THEIR TREO 90 AND GET A CLIE 615!!!

    Ahhhhhh... My mom never had an issue with her Prism... but... I'm already having problems with this Treo...

    God!!! I hate being a beta tester...

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    What's the big deal about the stylus? True, mine is not super tight like it was last Monday when I bought it. But I'd hardly say this is a deciding factor for buying a different pda model. For some of the flaws the Treo models have, they make up for in others big time.

    Try keeping the Treo in a carrying case (the Bodyglove case looks/feels nice for me). You wont loose the stlyus this way. I would prefer a loose stlylus defect to the Sony or other pda models, mainly for Treo's clamshell design (which protects the lcd screen)--great design!

    Anyways, just my $.02
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    Well I got a replacement last friday... sent back the old one one Monday... and the stylus is still tight as hell...


    Thanks Handspring!!!


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