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    I'm currently trying to write an app that does, amongst other things, authentication based upon a shared secret principle, using the IMSI (subscriber ID in GSM)

    Having had a look at the standard telephony API, it seems that there is a function call called TelSendCommandString. Does anyone have any experience of using this ? I reckon I should be able to use this to send an AT command
    (specifically AT+CIMI) to the Wavecom GSM module in the Treo and get the IMSI
    that way. Or am I (as we say in England) 'barking up the wrong tree' ?

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    What do you mean by standard api ?
    Is it CodeWarrior libraries ?
    Or is it a Handspring SDK I am not aware of ?
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    Its the Telephony API, as described in the Telephony Basic Services chapter of the Palm OS companion.

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