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    Any one else having this problem? My 270 has reset itself twice without any input from me. The first time, I was using the keyboard and the screen blanked out, wouldn't turn back on, and when I finally got home and plugged into the charger it re-set itself. This was on the furst day of use last week. The second time, which happened today, the unit refused to turn on. I plugged into the charger and it did a hard reset as soon as I plugged it into the charger. Any ideas on what is causing this? And more improtantly, whats the fix? I saw one other post that mentioned their Treo did this also. The programs I have loaded are datebk5, newpen, diddlebug, buttons-t, subhunt, battleship, and hardball.
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    Yes! I had this happen on the second day of having it. After the fourth time I called Handspring and they agreed it's a hardware problem. My replacement arrived today and it's charging now. Overall my original hard-reset itself nine times and then the screen back-lighting died yesterday. Call Handspring now and ask for a replacement.

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