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    Does anyone know how to get the Treo's secondary buttons changed. For example. I like having the Phone as the first button, and the Memo pad as the secondary for that button, but I would like to assign the default calculator to a different 3rd party calculator but keep SMS Messages as the main application. I would also like to change the world clock to a different application but keep Blazer as the Main application for that button. I know how to change the Main button through the preferences and then assigning the button to a different application, but it doesn't change the "secondary" application when you press the blue feature button and then that main application button. Anyone know how or if it is possible? Is there a Hack available? Also, what is the best replacement ear-piece so I can answer calls while the Treo is closed?

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    You can use TreoButtons or Buttons-T to give you that functionality. Try Handango or PalmGear to download those utilities.
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    Thanks for the reply. Buttons-T worked great! I know can customize it the way I wanted. Thanks again!
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