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    I am thinking about replacing my Palm m505 with a Treo 90 mainly because I am tired of having to deal with problem m505s. My first one started to reset itself all on its own. Now my current one will not sync at all. So I am looking for a non-Palm Co. pda.

    I am looking at the Treo 90 because I enjoyed having a Handspring Visor Deluxe and I would like to see what they now have produced with the Treo line.

    My main question though is will a backup of my m505 work if it placed on the Treo 90 since that is the only way for me, besides IR, to get my info over to another pda.
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    You can use any SD Card (8mb or higher) and the program "BackupBuddyVFS:Free" to transfer your complete set of data from the m505 to the Treo 90.
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