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    Has anyone else noticed reception problems with their Treo 270? I've noticed that when the signal strength meter is showing one bar my Treo will periodially lose its signal, and show no network available. This appears to be random in nature, but when it does occur it normally lasts for up to five minutes. Another thing I've noticed when holding my Treo is that the signal strength varies widely. By that I mean the signal strength indicator will show four bars, then two bars, then three, one, and sometimes zero. I've compared the signal strength reading to other phones in my household and they do not vary like my Treo. Additionally, when only one bar of signal strength is indicated the other phones compared one on one with the Treo, in the exact same location at the same time, did not lose their signal. Even my kids inexpensive Motorola T-193s maintain their signal. It's hard to believe a $499 phone is this unreliable.

    Other than these reception problems, and the common headset issue, my Treo has worked perfect. I'd be extremely pleased if reception were better and more reliable.

    Hopefully I've just got a defective phone and a replacement will fix the problem. Unfortunately, a replacement phone means a refurbished unit, and all bets are off with that. Kind of stinks when you think about it. Any thoughts?

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    I'm located in Honolulu, Hawaii and my reception here is great. I mean "great" as compared to my VisorPhone. I went thru 3 VisorPhones and all 3 had a bad reception problem compared to other Voicestream users.

    The Treo 270 has better reception than the VisorPhone by far, but I have never noticed anything as erratic as you mentioned above.

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    Yea my Treo 270 loses it's reception a lot as well. My treo 180 didn't seem to do it. I thought it was a program I installed so I've been uninstalling things hopefully to fix it.

    Some software I have installed that could be causing the problem are:

    Ringo 3b6
    Crash Hack
    Log Data Calls Hack

    It's like it should have a signal but it doesn't and if you wait like 1-3 minutes in that same spot you will have a signal but it's really slow detecting a signal and really fast to lose it.

    I've tried installing that ResetRadio and that seems to have helped some. I was also having a problem connecting to my wireless window but since i've done the ResetRadio thing that seems to work a lot better. I'm not sure the ResetRadio worked because I got a serial error but it sure seems to have done something, but I wouldn't say it fixed it.

    Recently I thought maybe my local cell tower was being buggy because I've only really noticed it at home, but I'm also rarely away from home because that is where I work.

    Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
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    Treo 270
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    Hi, ShockSLL

    Where can I find that " ResetRadio " app ?
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    Hi, ShockSLL

    Where can I find that " ResetRadio " app ?
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    Originally posted by bookky
    Hi, ShockSLL

    Where can I find that " ResetRadio " app ?
    Check out this thread.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    I don't think the radio reception problems are related to a software conflict. Handspring had me do a hard reset, after which I tested the reception. I would still lose the signal periodially when only one bar of signal strength was showing. Since I had no software on the system, other than the default system files, it obviously can't be caused by a software conflict.

    I installed the radio reset file on mine also, but did not notice any difference in the radio reception. When I called Handspring today the tech rep indicated the radio reset file is for people who are having problems roaming from one carrier to the next. He indicated some phones would not switch networks, from say Voicestream to Cingular, seemlessly. The radio reset file was designed to fix that problem, so apparently it does not increase the radio sensitivity of the unit.

    I also was told by the individual I spoke with today that it is indeed not normal to have the Treo lose the network signal when the signal strength is showing only one bar of signal strength, assuming a constant signal from the carrier. He thinks I have a defective phone, so a replacement unit has been ordered.

    Time will tell if my problem is solved...
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    Let me know if the replacement fixes the problem. Maybe the better reception I've noticed is cingular fixing the cell tower in my area. I don't know. Like I said, mine is still not working like my 180 did. Thanks.
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    I don't believe it is a software conflict either. I've has the problem from day one.

    I use my laptop in my dining room and my phone signal strength varies from minute to minute in the same exact spot. Not moving from my chair. One minute I'll have all the bars. The next signal at all.

    I thought it was Voicestream who I am totally unhappy with. But could it be the phone itself?
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    Hey folks,

    I don't know about all of you but I have had my Nokia phone do exactly the same thing on the Crickett network. Basically you could be sitting in one place and have the network go from 100% to about 20% and then DROP. What I think happens is the cell tower just gets overloaded with calls (capacity NOT great enough on that cell) and it drops you with extreme prejudice.

    I am using VoiceStream here in Colorado and I had this happen a couple of times today while waiting at the ATM but it didn't overly concern me. Obviously it was just an overloaded cell and not the fault of VS. Heck my Nokia on AT&T would sometimes do this and I didn't think it was a software/hardware problem. It is just the nature of the technology.

    I would stick with what others have had to say. You are more than welcome to trade in a "perfectly good" phone for another one but the one you get MIGHT be worse. You mileage may vary.
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    I think you've missed the point. When comparing my Treo to a Motorola T-193 and P-280 the signal reception was grossly inferior. The Motorola phones would show two to three bars of signal strength, no signal variance whatsoever, while the Treo would only have one bar of signal strength. When the Treo had more than one bar, more often than not, the signal strength would vary greatly. The Motorola phones, in the same area, were rock steady with their signal strength.

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    Hey Mark,

    I don't have anything else to compare my Treo too and have never used Motorola's. I indeed missed the fact that you have a comparison. Let us know whether the replacement is any better (I am guessing it won't be but who knows).

    I wonder if there is a software fix for this or if this is indeed hardware. There is no way I want to return my phone for something like this as I indicated I have seen it happen before with other phones (Nokias) and to me it seems pretty normal (although your MAY be having a different issue). I wish I had something to compare it to (anyone want to lend me their Motorola?).
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    Was in europe recently. My phone worked in Germany for 24 hours and then it completely broke doown. Handspring sent me a repolacemnet unit after the radio reset did not work. Company was great in sending me a new unit. Great customer service
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    Here's the latest update. I received my replacement Treo 270, but have already returned the replacement. Yes, I kept the orginal, at least for now. The replacement phone had the same poor radio reception problems. I'm now thinking it may be a design limitation, but who knows.

    My biggest complaint with the replacement had to do with the screen being 25% dimmer than my orginal phone, plus colors were not as vivid. Had I not gotten lucky on the first phone, with regard to screen brightness/color, I wouldn't have even realized I had a defective phone. Handspring is now sending me another phone, so time will tell what happens on that. I know it was 25% dimmer because I compared side by side and slid the brightness control to 75% on my orginal phone, to make the brightness the same as the replacement at 100%.

    Given my experience with two phones I now believe the Treo is an excellent device, but because it's a hybrid design, it's not really the best at anything. That doesn't make it a bad product, but compromises were made in the design, at least in my humble opinion. For those who don't need a 100% reliable phone the Treo is an excellent buy with all its features. If you can't afford to miss a call, then maybe another phone/pda is the way to go. For the life of me I don't know why they couldn't have designed a better radio receiver into this phone. Cheap cell phones I've used are more reliable and have more consistent connections than the Treo.

    I'll probably keep my Treo, but I'm very disappointed that Handspring didn't put more emphasis on the radio reception. I think this one oversight may severely hurt overall sales. This is a device that appeals to business people, and most business people I know need reliable communication devices. The phone should not drop signals because the signal strength meter is only reading one bandwidth. I probably miss three to four calls per day because of this problem. My previous phone, in the same location, never missed any calls.
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    I have been wondering for a long time, what the enhanced battery performance software does with respect to all of this. The modem is a big consumer of power, when signal is low, the receive has to be cranked up to accomodate. I notice more with my 270 than I did the 180 that sometimes the signal is suddenly gone (another side by side phone is still OK). Something seems strange but can't put my finger on it, but I suspect it is related to the software that "improves" battery performance at the cost of robust reception at any signal level.

    I would fit in the category as having this problem. Did not see this with the visorphone or the treo 180 but do with the 270.
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    I definitely have the random drop with the Treo 270 and Voicestream in Austin. My comparison is only to CDMA -- didn't get it with Verizon, got it a lot with Sprint. That difference suggests that perhaps congestion is playing a role. On the other hand, the comparison to another GSM phone side by side shows it can't just be the network -- unless the other cell phones aren't showing that they lost the network when they did. That happened to me with Sprint and the Sony Z-100, which would show a signal until you tried to make a call, at which point the network would evaporate and I would get "call failed." That could be true at 3 of 4 bars, the point being that the phone didn't measure the signal strength very accurately.
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    I've seen the same problem with Cingular (Raleigh-Durham Area of NC) whether I use a Treo 270, Ericsson CF788, CF768 or a T28W. Cingular has been having problems here for about 2 months. Supposedly they are working on improving their capacity here. But occasionally, I have to attempt a call 2 or 3 times before it will go through.

    Anyway, problem may not be Treo related (at least in Raleigh) because I've had it with several different phones.

    Shock, maybe Cingular has taken care of the problem near your home in Raleigh. Here in Durham, however it still happens occasionally.

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    I'm not even living in the states but it sounds to me it might be the carrier. I believe it's becuase there just isn't enough gsm cell phone carriers in the states. Most cell phone carriers use CDMA. GSM isn't popular at least not yet. I live in Germany and it works wonderful. But I think thats because GSM is the only service you can get here. I'm sure when more companies offer GSM your coverage will improve. I think GSM in the states is fine as long as there isn't too many cell phones using GSM. I here by 2004 the big carriers like Sprint,AT&T, MCI ect.. will be offering GSM which will make the coverage alot better. Maybe sooner.
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    I have to say that I love my new Treo but the signal strength is about I would say 40% weaker than the current crop of cell phones on the market. I use Cingular here in East TN, and I have been since they first started service here 8 years old. I know where all of the dead spot are in the area because until I got my Nokia 6100 3 years ago I used to have to drive around them. My 6100 only had a few dead spots but I got a Nokia 3130 about 3 months ago and it had absolutly no dead spots anywhere always crystal clear. My Treo has brought back all the dead spots I thought had gone away with more towers. I now realize that Cingular hasn't upgraded there signal strength, the phones have just gotten much better. I now have all of the same dead spot I had 3 years ago. Almost to much to bear, and I wouldn't if I didn't love my phone so much, but it will keep me from recommending it again. One of my work locations I have no signal, but my wife who is now using my Nokia 3130 has 3 bars and can make calls that are clear as day. Both of us are on Cingular.

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    In Austin, I connect to the network with a data call about 50% of attempts. In Houston, I'm connecting 100%, and quicker too, using the same Treo.

    Message posted with the Treo!
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