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    Just got my Treo 270 replacement unit today. Took a couple days longer than was promised but the unit seems to be sturdier than the one I purchased. The headset problem is non existant and the screen seems sturdier. Now when I press on the back of the unit there is no echo on the screen. Maybe it was just my old unit that had the problem. Anyway, I am one happy customer now, except for the fact that I still don't have GPRS!
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    I'm glad to hear that your replacement arrived and that you're happy with it. I called in for my replacement on 6/26...when did you call in for yours? I'm so looking forward to having all my info with me again!
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    I called my in on June 24... So I guess yours on its way. Just don't count on the HS CSR to tell you when. When I called them yesterday they still had no idea if they shipped it or not.
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    WooHoo...that gives me a little hope that I might have it by the end of the week! Thank you.
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    Any chance your Treo 270 phones operate a bit quicker than usual?

    I'm hoping Handspring will come out with a fix for this inherent problem.

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    FYI...just found out that HS changed their replacement service center from Tennessee to California, resulting in extremely slow replacement times. (I have been waiting for an advance replacement 180 for a week now...only after 10 phone calls to the CSRs was I able to tease the reason out of them.)
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    Was promised by Handspring support a replacement to arrive today -- I'm not surprised that it didn't show up.
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    I called for a replacement due to my 270 hard-resetting itself about a week ago. The replacement arrived yesterday, but I didn't get home from a trip until today. The replacement was just the unit itself in a box, not a new full box package as some had reported awhile ago.

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