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    Now that I am well settled in with my Treo 270 replacement #2, I did a hard reset on my Prism to get it ready as a digital album and also for further use with my collection of springboards. Do I need to re-install my Prism software to give the Prism a different user name and conduit set up?
    Has anyone tried doing a Hot-Sync on both the Prism and the Treo 270 in the same PC? Thanks for your help.
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    The Prism should hotsync just fine with the software that you have installed now. The first time you hotsync your empoty Prism, yiur computer will promt you to pick a user name from a list or create a new one. Click on new and create a new one and you should be set. The software willbe able to connect the right device to the right user name from now on.
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    Many Thanks Yardie! My Prism is fully useable again, in conjunction with my now favorite toy - the Treo 270!

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