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    Hello guys and gals,

    Anyone use this software?


    They say it was supposed to speed up your Palm OS device safely rather than using afterburner or FastCPU. They claim this is NOT a hack utility.

    It does not speed up my phone apps.

    Let me us know how you guys like it, etc.

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    I've used it on my old Visor DLX and now my new Treo 270. It seems to make a difference, but it's hard to tell how much. According to the test that's part of the software, it speeds things up by a factor of 3.5, but I'm not sure how well that applies to real-world usage.

    I've never had an incompatibility problem with other software -- unlike Afterburner, which used to give me major headaches. I set it with all speed-ups on.
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    According to the benchmarks in the program, it speeds things up quite a bit. However, I'm not so amazed at the speed up in normal least not yet. I'll try it over the next week and see if I notice a significant difference.


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