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    Well I received my new 270 and everything was working fine until I installed a game that just happened to have a green background. I noticed a "light spot" about the size of a fingerprint aound the center of the screen. Once again something I would not have noticed without my dark green game.

    OK, so I called Handspring and they sent me another unit. Unfortunately the SIM cover arrived broken (which leads me to wonder are Handspring sending out refurbished units and wouldnt they have to to stay in business at this rate?)... so anyway, on the replacement I noticed that same spot and no Im not talking about the lighter area in the top right.

    Anybody else see or notice this light spot near the center of the unit?
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    Only at the top right hand corner, no where else.

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    yes...i have noticed the spot that you are talking about...about the size of a only shows up in certain light. I too am on my second unit....couldnt hear on the first....this far is working fine....i was actually impressed that my replacement arrived within 3 days! I think i will live with "The Spot".....well..."The Spots!"....both the center and upper right!!...i still love this thing!
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    OK so I am not crazy. I LOVE my unit too but for $500+ I dont expect to receive it with a flaw. Thanks for that confirmation.
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    I too have noticed the spot. But at least the backlights still working !

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    I think absolute perfection is a bit too much to expect. I started out buying pda's expecting that, and generally went thru 3 devices each, due to being overly demanding about the first, then getting a second that was even WORSE, and then getting a third.

    It's the curse of the picky.
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    I've got the spot too but it is no big deal. One way to really see it is to run a Mirror program that turns the background all black. Not sure why it is there but it is BARELY noticeable (I still have a hard time seeing the backlight spot you are all talking about). Bottom line is I don't think this is a defect.

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