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    More specifically:

    1) For use with Mac-only owner
    2) For use with 270 (therefore, not "ScrShot" hack due to its silkscreen buttons trigger)

    So far, no joy.
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    The BugMe! messenger that was bundled with the visorphone came with a screen capture utility. It works fine on my Treo 270. You can send the screen capture by email to any computer wirelessly. If you don't have the Visorphone then just go to BugMe!.net - BugMe! messenger for PalmOS and download a trial version.
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    Wow-- that's a creative solution, thanks. I'm just a little disappointed that there are a lot of good apps out there that can't be used due to the Treo's lack of silkscreen buttons. This ScrShot app I mentioned as well as SwitchHack come to mind.

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