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    I've installed Handspring's photo viewer. Although I have a 5 megapixel camera, I've noticed a great deal of variation from photo to photo when it comes to display on the handheld. Does anyone know the "routine" for saving pix from the camera to my PC that optimizes the way the photos will appear on my 270?

    I'm aware that the Handspring desktop photo app enables the user to select whether the photos are transferred (i.e., HotSync'd) in 16 bit color or lower. I'm aware too that the the 270 displays only 12 bit color. When tranferring photos to the 270 I invariably get the best results selecting 16 bit from the Handspring desktop app - but even with this selection the variation in color quality is very marked from photo to photo. BTW, I've got Photoshop Elements and Microsofts Picture-It Deluxe as my digitial photo manipulation apps.

    Also, are fee-based apps like SplashPhoto likely to do abetter job on the Treo than the free Handspring program?

    Many thanks.

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    Many palm-photo programs produce crappy output due to poor photo optizations. Handspring's free app is particularly guilty. You can get good results if you tweak the photos in photoshop first.

    First step is to shrink the photo to the Palm size, which is really small--especially for Handspring's app, which doesn't display full-screen. It's something like 160x140 (I forget the exact resolution) above the title area.

    After resizing your photo, you should dither it to a 12 bit color tiff or whatever supports 12 bit color. You could probably get away with making it a 8-bit color, dithered GIF. A dithered GIF should look fairly good in 256 colors. Try it out, it should make a world of difference. Make sure you are precise with the resolution of the displayable space.
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    As Sigma8 said, use an external program like Photoshop or Fireworks to resize the image to the PDA app display size. I have tried both Handspring's free photo app and SplashPhoto and prefer Splash due to the larger display area.

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