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    Is there a utility that would allow me to usually return to the place I was when I move from one application to another?

    e.g. If I'm looking at <Weaver> data in ADDRESS BOOK and then move to CALENDER or MEMOPAD or DOCUMENTS TO GO.....when I return to ADDRESS BOOK I then have to do a laborious search for the <Weaver> name again.

    Thanks, Jay in Budapest
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    You might want to look at the various DeskAccessory applications (available through PalmGear & Handango) - they may not do everything you need, but they might get you close enough.

    For example, I use daMemoPad to open the Memo Pad in a "pop up window" while I'm working in another application - this allows me to use the Memo Pad (look-up, copy, edit, create new, etc.) momentarily then return to the original app without losing my place.

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