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    after a 45 minute phone call which should NOT have fully drained battery, i returned to a text message conversation I'd been on, and the screen just went blank. first it was light grey, then nothing, no light at all.

    one verizon tech person said i'd maxed out my memory, which rang true, b/c on a recent attempt to run google maps (which i'd never had trouble with), the program failed to run, giving me some message about minumum necessary memory not available.

    i tried synching w computer, unsuccessfully. i tried running directly off of charger cable, unsuccessfully. verizon advises trying a new battery, which i'm waiting for.

    any suggestions in the meantime? similar experiences??

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    You can try a warm reset, if that does not work, try a hard reset, in which sace you'll have ot reload everything. The manual tells you how to do them.
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