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    TreoPictureCallerID has been updated. The new version, which is available at

    - Has support for Call Waiting Picture ID
    - Runs on the VisorPhone
    - Supports Treo180's and other non-color Visor's 4 bit grayscale
    - Support for a default, catch all image
    - Allows you to choose type of textual caller ID displayed (name, phone no. or nothing)
    - Has a much better caller ID matching algorithm
    - Supports phone number ranges, wildcard matches, and substring matches
    - Integrates much more cleanly with Handspring's original forms. There is now no flicker before an image is displayed.

    Like always, this upgrade is free for registered users.


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    How's that Mac support coming along? I see that "calleridhelper.msi" is still part of the download, so I'm guessing I'm still SOL.

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