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    My 270 screen went out this Saturday. Has anyone else had their screen go bad? I will keep everyone posted on how Handspring responds customer service wise. I am on hold now waiting to see what they will do to fix the problem. For me to end up happy I expect to have a replacement by Wednesday.
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    One week after getting the 270, the screen backlight died. However, I had already called HS about a problem where the unit randomly hard resets itself. I should have a replacement to try tonight. We'll see how that one does, so far I'm very unimpressed with their quality control.
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    I have had mine (270) for a couple of weeks now and suddenly, today ,the screen died on me. I am calling HS tomorrow and hope to get a replacement in soon. I will inform on what happens.
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    Lasted one day, shop swapped it for me.
    They did ask if I had left it in the sun all day! stupid comment really, and would it make any differance to the screen backlight to make it stop working?
    I wonder if this is going to be the cause of repairs in the future, nornally just after the warrenty runs out!
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    My 270 died after about a wekk so on sunday of this week i called handspring. The guy I talked with was a very nice guy and he explained to me that there was a "bad batch" of 270's that were shipped. Because it was less than 30 days into it's use I was able to get a new one delivered to my house for free. The only downside is that it will take about 4 days to actually recive your replacment due to the 270's being new and all. tomorrow is the day it comes. Can't wait!
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    My new 270 lasted about 3 hours. Not only is the screen black, but it's stuck in power on and it won't log in to my GSM provider. After being stuck on hold and then reaching a jerk who was not technical support and who hung up in my ear, I finally talked to a tech guy who's sending a replacement. Not impressed with my first Handspring!
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    This is not a new phenomenon. There were a whole bunch of these sudden screen failures among the 270s that shipped out on the first two or three days. I was one of the unfortunate victims. They good news is the HS was very good about getting replacement units into people's hands.
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    After finally reciveing my second Treo from handspring,(see my other post a little ways up) I did what they told me to as far as saving data and transfering the sim card. Great! I now have a working Treo! NOT!!!!!!!! I turn on the phone and POOF! nothing happens.... So I call tech support ...and after a hard reset and checking the pins where the sim card touches the Treo he says that I will have to send it back to get a new one!! I now have 2 non workig treos in my house. one whos screen has died and another whos phone parts are broken.. I just dont get it.... when it worked it was a great product. I must have bad karma or something. I'll post again when I recieve my new Treo. (if it works)
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    Mine blanked out and I got scared.But I hit the power button and surprisingly it came back on. It hasn't blanked out since. I realize I'm blessed that I haven't had too many problems if any. Thank the Lord because he's been good to me.
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    May the lord bless you and Heaven smile upon you.
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    Mine blacked out in a week, took three weeks to get a replacement shipped and that so far has survived a week without problems. Fingers crossed it was a bad batch.
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    While it finally went out on me. It looks as if the light that lights up the screen went out. I'm calling HS to get another. Crazy part is that it looks like the screen is coming back the more I keep opening it. the moment it happened the screen was completely black. Now it has lighted up a bit. Explain that.
    May the lord bless you and Heaven smile upon you.
    Check out this site also for great discussions on all pdaphones.
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    My guess for this and the other failures would be a cracked SM resistor for the LED backlight. If you get the board mechanical design wrong they can break very easily from shock or vibration. Sometimes they fail open circuit but sometimes with a variable higher resistance that, with movements, could produce the variable backlight intensity you are seeing.

    Of course this is all speculation and is probably completely wrong
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    Used my 270 this morning, everything was great. Set it down, came back and guess what? No screen. Phone worked, buttons clicked, but nothing to show for it.

    I called Handspring this afternoon, they promised a replacement in 2 business days. Until then I have a verrrry faint screen image - basically unusable except in the best of light.
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    The screen on my third 270 went out today. I received it on the 9th. Waiting for my 4th 270
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    Well, my backlight is starting to go out. Its intensity varies from time to time. Sometimes it comes back with a power cycle. Sometimes I just have to wait a few minutes with it off. Sometimes I have to wait a few hours. I called Handspring and a replacement has been shipped. Hopefully it will arrive before the backlight/sidelight is totally dead.

    Until now, I've had a very positive experience with my Treo 270. Excellent product with a few quality control issues.

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    Son-of-a-gun.....mine just died. I had noticed that it seemd to allways be in that "power-save" mode. Then this AM - BOOM - Gone.

    I can see ghosting, but that's it.

    Now to call Handspring.......let's see....I received the Treo June 27th, it's July 20th...I should be OK.

    Later, I'll let you all know what our friends at handspring have to say.

    ...edit - ad..... Handspring had me hard re-set a couple of luck. I will recive my new Treo on Wednesday. Not too bad....not too good either. The service rep claims that most of the screen issues that they have seen are caused by 3rd party software & hacks. OK - sure. I'll buy that and the GG Bridge too.
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    3 Days and counting, so far im extremely happy with my Treo 270 there is just nothing that compares ot this currently on the market. Great little device, I highly recommend to anyone considering a purchase. Lets see how long ym screen lasts now lol
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    I've had mine only since Friday 7/19, but so far, so good. This thread has me really nervous (or even paranoid--is the screen slightly less bright than it was an hour ago?), but I'm going to act like there'll be no problem. I'm telling people my new cell number, canceling my AT&T service.... Fingers are crossed.
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    Well I have my new Treo and it is working like it should. I just cannot understand why it took them so long to get a replacement.
    Oh well I have it and am happy.

    Good Luck All.
    Enjoy your treo.
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    Kevin, !!your 4th !! is it the same problem each time? have they been cool about replacing it for you?
    I am on my 2nd and so far so good, what’s the deal if it is past 30 days and it dies… I still get a replacement right?
    I agree with Rob, I had my 180 for a long time no prob, handed down to my brother. Maybe it is just a “bad batch” but that stinks for those people who are going on 3rd, 4th try. Hopefully this 2nd unit I have is clean.

    Good luck everyone,
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