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    Well, I bought mine from a CompUSA store on Thursday of last week, and my screen just went out this morning (Tuesday). Of course, it waited until I moved everything over from my old Palm before doing so .....

    So, I'm gonna go to the CompUSA store and have them replace it with another one. Problem is, though ... if there's truly a "bad batch", odds are all the ones at CompUSA are a part of that batch. So I might be stuck in this cycle for a while, or -- even worse -- get a "bad batch" Treo which magically lasts for 30 days, and then goes out after the fact.

    Ugh. Being an early adopter can be painful at times.

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    Bought the first Treo 270 June 21.
    My first replacement was for the earpiece problem prior to the downloaded patch. HS happily replaced my unit in about 5 days. The earpiece problem came along with my secoond treo. I called and asked if it was unusual to send out a unit with same problem as I had with my first unit. The tech then told me that he was sorry for the inconvenience and emailed the super secret patch that Velo posted. It worked great. A couple of days later, the screen went dead. I called and was happily sent a replacement about 5 days later around the 1st of July. July 4th, screen dead again. I called on the 5th and had a new unit in hand by about the 9th. Everything was great until July 18th, when the screen on my third unit went black. I called to see if my new unit had shipped yet, as it has been about a month of Treo ownership, but it seems like only a few days of having a fully functioning Treo in my hands. The guy I talked to said that the replacement units were delayed because they discovered the all the screens are defective and are being replaced by a different screen. He cannot mean ALL the sceens. He must just mean the screens of a certain batch. I was told previously that there was a bad batch. Units starting with serial number EAFMB... I asked why I was sent two units from the alledged bad batch??? Not going to happen again I was told. I hope not. Well back to today. I asked if they were replacing screens at the repair center, was I going to get a refurbished unit, after a brief pause a was told yes, sort of. I am waiting to hear from a supervisor named Mark, to explain what a guy named Eric meant by sort of a refurbished unit. A subsequent call Mark was unsuccessful. I was told that he had my paperwork right in front of him, but was too busy to speak to me.

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    Kevin -

    My Visor starts with EAFMD.......It may be more than just a small batch.

    Handspring is also claiming that some 3rd party software is creating the issue. My comment back was "If it's a 3rd party issue, wouldn't a "Hard" reset fix the problem. A "Hard" resent (4 of them) has not fixed my screen issue.

    I was supposed to receive my replacement today. Not here. When I called Handspring, the agent cammented, "I don't see that your order has been processed, I'll look into it and send an e-mail".

    I just got the EXACT same form e-mail that I received on my first call.

    Oh well....

    Good luck to everyone.
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    I'm not too techie oriented, so the only things I had installed were buttons T and Cell Plan Tracker. I doubt they are causing the light to burn out.
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    Can I be a bit more scared? I can't believe how completely my life is tied in to a small electronic device! I do everything with this, whether it's checking a local weather forecast, logging my flight time, or sending a text message to my fiance. Now that my screen died after six days, I'm totally flummoxed without it... Handspring said yesterday that they will ship me a new one in a few buisness days, but after reading the previous posts, I am wondering how many days until the new one gives up the ghost as well. This is my third Handspring in three years (Handspring Delux, Handspring Prism, and now the 270), and I've been so happy untill now. Hope this doesn't send their market value down the tubes! Sounds like a lot of unhappy people out there. Gotta go, American Idol is starting!!
    P.S. I'm drunk
    If You're scared, say your scared.......
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    My EAFMD Treo 270 has been working fine for little over a week now no problems at all. I suspect this EAFMD serial number thing is just a rumor as it seems most all Handspring products (Not just the Treo) use EAMFD as the starting digits of their serial numbers
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    Handspring identifies backlight problem that affects a limited number of Treo 90 and Treo 270 products.

    Handspring has discovered a defect in a component of the backlight assembly in some of its Treo 90 and Treo 270 products, which can render the backlight inoperable. Most of our Treo 90 and Treo 270 products will not experience this problem. The backlight failure does not in any way affect or cause loss of the user's data. It is impossible for a user to determine whether a particular unit will fail, but in general, units that operate for longer than six weeks without backlight failure are unlikely to fail in the future.

    Handspring is currently screening all units in its inventory for the defective component, and is building new product with new, verified components. As a cautionary measure, the company is currently not shipping orders of Treo 90 and Treo 270 until the screening process is completed. Shipments should resume within the next two to three weeks.

    Total customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Handspring and all Treo 90s and Treo 270s carry an express one year warranty. If your backlight should fail, simply HotSync your Treo to back up the data, and contact Handspring at 877-426-3777 (outside the U.S., go to for local support numbers). Handspring will honor its warranty by sending you an advance replacement unit, free of charge and with expedited shipping. When you receive your replacement Treo, you'll be asked to pack the defective unit in the packaging we provide you - again, completely free of charge. We are committed to your satisfaction, and we regret any inconvenience this issue may have caused.
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