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    I spend a lot of time in a factory setting and I would like to have the ability to set my alarms to vibrate because I generally can't hear the audible ones due to ambient noise. Is there a way to do this? I have looked in the manual and in datebk5 but no luck.

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    Prefences Icon and then ringer from the drop down.

    Check vibrate under sound mode.
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    There is a switch on top that turns everything on vibrate, you could just flip to vibrate when you enter the factory and back to audible when you leave. I use this feature a lot and find it much more convienent than having to decide at the time I enter an appt. or todo whether I want it to vibrate or not. Hope this helps.
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    My 180 never vibrates when an alarm goes off even with the Vibrate checked in silent mode and the switch set to silent mode. Are you sure that this works? Maybe it is because I use Action Names and also a program to remind me to take medication. In any case, my solution is to use my Random Alarms program: <>. It has a preference to vibrate when an alarm (not regular) sound is played. It works great for alarms and other apps that play alarms.
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    Guys, I already tried the suggestions Tourdewolf and Felipe pointed out before I posted. Should have mentioned it in my post. I'm curious, do you guys use Datebk+ or a different calendar program? And, if so, does the vibrate function work with the alarms? I'm assuming that it works for you.

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