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    Ramble mode on,

    Well Treo 270 #2 is dead and #3 is on the way. Got past the headset thing finally just to have the screen/backlight go dead tonight. Called HS CS to get the new one rolling... I must admit that 24/7 CS is nice... almost seems excessive from a business standpoint, but nice.

    You'll never guess what happened on the tech call... I got a very well informed knowledgeable CSR, very refreshing! He even owns a 270 and is a member here at TC. He asked my member name (which I gave) but he wouldn't give his up. I even promised not to give him up but he wouldn't budge. His real name is Kemal, good guy.

    I was thinking that I could be pretty bitter at this point about spending over a $1200.00 on phones that I have had a lot of trouble with. I'm on my 4th 180 and going on the 3rd 270 and to tell the truth... I'm getting a little worried about the 270 still with this screen thing, seems like a lot of failures. I have set an alarm to go off a couple of days before my 30 days are up, going to decide one way or the other for sure. I still think it is the best thing since ??? But I think HS has a ways to go with QC and I hope they make it.

    Well anyway, putting things in perspective...

    I am so blessed to have a great wife (that puts up with me and TC) kids, church, business/job and the ABILITY to be ABLE to BUY a $600.00 phone in the first place. I have friends who's marriages are on the rocks and also had one of my best customer/friends die in a cycling accident. I have to try to help his family understand what happened... now there is a challange. Gotta go help a friend or two and stop worrying about my stupid phone for awhile. Technobsession... an ugly thing.

    OK, I'll wait (again ) for another phone but this time a little more in perspective.

    Ramble mode off,

    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

    Romans 4:7
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    Sorry for your lost.
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